Paryushan MahaParv 2018 Shibir -Summary

The monarch of all festivals, Paryushan, means an auspicious occasion for inner purification. The eight days of Paryushan from Thursday 6th to Thursday 13th September brought in its wake an invitation of deep introspection for thousands of aspirants, who were keenly awaiting this unique season of soul cleansing.


The mornings of these eight days at our Sadhana Kendra began with a connecting Agyabhakti followed by a deep Meditation and splendid Jinendra Pooja and Abhishek.

To attain the right vision as prescribed by the enlightened beings a seeker must be clear about the basic tenets of the soul. Our Adhyatmik Sadhana Committee invites various guest speakers to help us progress spiritually. In keeping with this tradition this time they invited Respected Pandit Sumat Prakshji. Panditji is renowned and learned logician, author and Masters of DRAVYANUYOG AND CHARANANUYOG. In this 8-day shibir, he delivered 17 lectures each and delved into the depths of this masterpiece and explained the all fundamental truths in a lucid and simple manner. In a highly scientific and beautiful way, they resolved all our doubts by logically explaining The Panch Samavay, nature of bhavya and abhavya souls, the permanent-impermanent nature of moksh,  Drvaya-gun-paryay.


Through his ground breaking exposition, he ignited a deep passion within all to be free from this endless cycle of birth and death and fortified the goal of this precious human birth to attain Self realisation. his words stirred hearts of devotees worldwide.





The audience was further elevated with mesmerising devotional discourse by the Respected Sureshji exploring Shrimad Rajchandra Vachanamrut Patrank 254.


The evening session of 6th day invigorated devotion as mumukshus were served enchanting Bhakti by Dr. Monikaben Shah, Ahmedabad and Group.


The celebrations then continued in the Ashram from 1st day morning, where  second last day was embellished with Thought-provoking Quiz Competition by Shree Kapilji on Munyachar (Sakal Charitra).

Lastly dawned the golden day of Samvatsari, the most significant day in the great Paryushan Parva. The day commenced with a heart cleansing alochana, deriding one’s sins and resolving to be free of them. Everyone was purified by bathing in the tears of remorse. Pujya Sahebji Himself present through the Alochana bestowing His compassionate gaze and blessing. Hearts were filled with remorse for their faults and gratitude for His benevolence. 


Many devotees observed tapa during Paryushan. Though fasting, the tapasvis felt that they had been nourished by satsangs and the charged energy levels. On Friday, 14th September Pujyashri lovingly performed parna of these blessed tapasvis with His own hands.

This Paryushan Parva has left an indelible mark in the hearts of devotees. A significant milestone on their path to liberation, it will always remain an unforgettable experience. A glorious occasion of converging to the True Self from all directions, this Paryushan Parva was a beautiful blend of the zenith of worship and the depths of devotion.