Diwali Shibir 2018 -Report

An enlivening account of the devotional fervour and spirit during the Diwali shibir 2018 organised at Shrimad Rajchandra Adhyatmik Sadhana Kendra, Koba.

In the Jain tradition, the festival of Diwali is reminiscent of those invaluable moments when Bhagwan Mahavira, ending all the bondages of karmas, attained liberation (Moksh). Thus, Diwali proves to be an occasion for devotees to immerse in pure devotion and fill their beings with enthusiasm and a new-found vigour to attain Moksha. This year the Diwali shibir was organised from Monday, 5th November to Thursday, 8th November. Under the all-embracing grace of our Divine Mentor, Pujyashri Atmanandji, this shibir served to firmly etch dharma in the hearts of seekers.

Mornings were replete with the daily spiritual nourishment of dhyan, ajnabhakti and yoga. This was ensued by an ever-connecting Jinabhishek followed by the most coveted moments of Jinendra Pooja, which filled each one with a new zeal and energy for the full day’s programme.

Through a series of five electrifying pravachans, in a lucid, interesting and logical manner Invited guest Respected Saman Shree Shrutpragya Swami expounded Patrank 491 with Subject “SADHANA NU PANCHAMRUT”.










Respected Shri Sureshji explained about “Sansar nu Swaroop” through his four lectures. Mumukshus were benefitted by the discourse from Shri Ashokbhai Shah as well as Shri Anupambhai Shah on Vachanamrut Patranks.

Due to the divine chanting of the mantras in all three days evening sessions, the atmosphere all around became very sacred.

Hindi Version of Parichay Pustika was released by Pujyashri.

This Diwali shibir truly proved to be a strong impetus on the aspirant's journey towards Moksh. The goal to eradicate our longtime darkness of ignorance by the radiant light of Self-realisation was reinforced. The epitome of purity, serenity, love and compassion, Pujyashri Atmanandji’s boundless grace in the form of His gestures, words and satsang was truly an unforgettable experience for all.